Zach Whittaker


Zach Whittaker keeps things running smoothly for Team TRELORA, home sellers and potential buyers. He handles everything from, “Oops - Fido is in the living room and a showing is scheduled in 5 minutes,” to “Hey - did you email the new disclosures to those buyers?” Like any smooth operator, he anticipates challenges and keeps tabs on a plethora of moving pieces and parties to the transaction.


Q & A with Zach


What does it mean to you to be part of TRELORA?

We are on the forefront of revolutionizing an industry. It’s something that is extremely exciting, and I’m proud to be a part of. We’re making history here.

Name 3 of your core values. What makes you tick?

  1. Honor
  2. Respect
  3. Devotion to Duty (thanks Coast Guard)

Pets? Family?

My girlfriend and I have two dogs and a rabbit (shout out to Luna, Nila and Bunz). We’re all about the outdoors, so Colorado is an ideal place to call home.  

Next time you save $12k (or more) on your personal real estate transaction, how will you spend your dough?

I would like to think I would responsibly invest it in my Roth IRA and pat myself on the back for my maturity. We’ll see about that!