Q: What does the listing fee cover?

A: You get everything a traditional real estate agent offers, plus much more. You will receive a lead agent who ranks in the top 1% of listing agents in the country*, along with a full administrative support team who will manage every detail of your sale. We will provide you with High Dynamic Range photography, deliver a For Sale sign and lockbox to your property, advertise your home on the MLS, and coordinate all of your showings. When you receive an offer, your lead agent will act as your trusted advisor, negotiating on your behalf and staying aligned with your priorities. In addition to high levels of professional service, you will have a personal login to MyTRELORA, our easy-to-use platform that provides dynamic communication, 24/7 knowledge, and full transparency of your entire process.

$500 of the fee is paid as a pre-listing deposit, and the remainder comes out of your proceeds at closing.

*Based on number of successful closings managed in a rolling 12 month cycle.

Q: Why do you charge a $500 deposit up front?

A: The $500 retainer is one aspect of our business model that allows us to offer the pricing structure that we have. It ensures that we are only working with serious sellers.

Q: How will you market my home?

A: Your home will be marketed to prospective buyers through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which syndicates to hundreds of online search portals, such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and search.trelora.com. Our listings are also marketed with custom postcards, digital advertising, and social media marketing.

Q: Who pays the buyer’s agent?

A: The buyer agent’s commission (also known as a broker’s co-op) comes out of the seller’s closing proceeds. Therefore, we allow our sellers to make the initial offer of compensation for the cooperating broker.

TRELORA doesn’t know what another agent is worth until he or she tells us, so we never force our sellers to offer a “standard” commission to a buyer’s agent. In fact, just the word “standard” used in that context would imply antitrust and price-fixing activity. Instead, our sellers offer a reasonable fee, understanding that some agents and buyers might request more. Open communication with all parties will guarantee that every agent in every transaction with TRELORA is paid fairly.

Q: Will other agents show my home if I offer a commission that isn’t considered the "market rate"? 

A: Yes. We have had overwhelming success with agents showing our listings regardless of the commission being offered. Professional, experienced agents know that everything in a real estate deal is negotiable - including commissions. There is always a handful of professionals who place their own desires ahead of their clients' best interests, but we find those people to be the exceptions, not the rule. Agents have a fiduciary duty to show their clients any home they request to see and, by law, there is no ‘market rate’ any real estate agent must be paid.

Q: Why do buyers love TRELORA homes?

A: The buyer writes the big check at the closing table. When buyers choose a TRELORA home offering a reduced commission, a greater percentage of the purchase price goes toward their actual home because less is being spent on agent fees and other costs. 

Q: Do you hold open houses?

A: Yes, we do. However, we find that the vast majority of our sellers successfully sell their home without the need for an open house. Industry studies show that open houses are most valuable as a lead generation tool for agents and rarely bring any value to a home's sale.


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