What is Trelora?

Trelora is a full-service discount real estate agency. When you work with us, you get best-in-class customer service, a team of expert agents that closes hundreds of deals per year, a proprietary technology platform that puts you in the driver’s seat.

How is Trelora different from other brokerages?

  • Great service: Hundreds of past customers have written reviews to attest to this.

  • Affordable fees: Sellers pay a low flat fee and save $12,000 on average. Buyers pay nothing, and get $7,500 average cash back.

  • Top agents: Our local agents specialize in each step of your sale, so they see 20x as many transactions as the national average. You get an expert at each stage of your transaction.

  • Modern technology: We streamline the transaction with proprietary technology, making the process simple and transparent.

How is Trelora different from other discount brokerages like Redfin?

We deliver better service while charging sellers substantially less than Redfin does, and giving our buyers much bigger refunds. Because of our technology, our agents gain experience faster than any others, and are available 7 days a week to help you with their industry-leading expertise.

How can I see your listings?

We sell hundreds of homes every year. You can find our current listings near you here.

How do I get started?

Give us a call at (720) 386-7607 or (206) 745-9700, or submit  your information at trelora.com.


How do buyer refunds work?

  • Sellers choose how much commission to offer to the buyer’s agent. Typically, they offer about 3% of the home price. When we close on your purchase, we give half of our commission back to you in cash. That’s an average of about $7,500, or 3 months free mortgage.

Do I have to pay taxes on my refund?

  • Nope. Your refund isn’t considered income, so it is not taxable.

What is your listing fee?

  • Sellers pay only one flat fee ($3,000 in Colorado and $4,000 in Washington), no matter what your home costs. There are no hidden fees.

What does your fee cover? Are there any hidden charges?

There are no hidden charges. Our flat fee covers everything a traditional agent would provide.

  • We advertise your home in the MLS and on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Realtor.com and 100’s of other sites.

  • We post and advertise your home on social media to attract buyers.

  • We send out a professional photographer to take pictures of your home so we can highlight the best features.

You’ll work very closely with a team of experienced agents — they are experts in pricing, negotiating, and contracts. They’re going to be there to guide you through the entire transaction, and are going to negotiate fiercely on your behalf to successfully sell your home.

How do you do it so cheap? How do you make money?

  • We have built our own software and tools that make our agents more efficient. That means they can work on more transactions while providing awesome customer service, all without needing to take a big fee.

Do I need to pay a retainer upfront?

  • Buyers pay nothing upfront. The only time we exchange money with you will be when we send you a check after closing.

  • Sellers pay a $500 retainer when they decide to list with Trelora. This enables us to send our photographer out to take beautiful photos and to dedicate a full-time listing team to serving your needs as you get ready for the market.


Who is on my Trelora team?

Your team includes experts at each stage of the process, from pricing to negotiation and from showings to inspections. Please visit trelora.com/team to meet the individuals who will be serving you.

How can I schedule a showing or tour of a home?

Find the home you’re interested in at trelora.com/homes and submit a showing request, or give us a call any time.

How can I schedule a Listing Consultation?

Visit trelora.com/sell and enter your address to book a free consultation with a pricing expert in your area.

How can I contact Trelora?

We are available 7 days a week to help you. We look forward to hearing from you!

    • Phone:

      • Denver: (720) 386-7607

      • Seattle: (206) 745-9700

    • Text:

      • Denver: (720) 248-8649

      • Seattle: (206) 278-4663

    • Email:

    • Office:

      • Denver: 2401 15th St. #150, Denver CO 80202

      • Seattle: 107 Spring St. Seattle, WA 98104

    • Online:

      • Sign up for an account and go to Messages in the main menu.


What areas do you serve?

We currently serve the Colorado Front Range from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs, and the I-70 corridor to Summit County, as well as the Greater Seattle Metro Area.

Do you have plans to expand to my area?

We’re actively planning to expand to other areas in the near future. If you want us to come to your city, let us know by sending us a message at customerservice@trelora.com.

How many transactions have you closed in my area?

We’ve sold lots of homes, and saved our clients over $50 million in the process. Our Denver Office opened in 2011, and we’ve bought and sold thousands of homes since then. We currently complete over 1,000 successful transactions per year. We expanded to Seattle in February 2018 and sold over 120 homes in our first year, with more going under contract every day.


We're here for you anytime. Feel free to give us a call at (720) 386-7607 or (206) 745-9700.