Removing Barriers, Reducing Stress

Why can you chat with someone on Craigslist before you buy their car, but you can't chat with someone online before you buy their house? Seems silly, doesn't it? So we decided to do something about it.

In comes TRELORA Connect: the only way for home buyers and sellers to chat anonymously online BEFORE they go under contract. TRELORA Connect was created to give the power and control of the real estate process back to the people who deserve it the most: the buyer and the seller.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use TRELORA Connect:

  1. Buyers can get accurate answers. Nobody knows the home better than the seller, not even their agent.
  2. Buyers can get basic questions answered quickly instead of relying on a game of telephone (buyer to selling agent to listing agent to seller AND BACK).
  3. Sellers can initiate conversations with buyers who are looking for a home that matches their home's description.
  4. Buyers and sellers can form a relationship early on in the process. They aren't just two people behind walls created by their agents. 
  5. Buyers and sellers endure less stress throughout the process. Negotiations, the inspection process, and everything else goes much smoother and gets resolved with much less friction when the buyer and seller already have a rapport with one another.
  6. One of the great features of TRELORA Connect is that users can turn it on and off at any time. If at any point a buyer or seller feels uncomfortable with the questions being asked, such as "will you take $395,000 for your home," their TRELORA team can jump in and handle the negotiations. If the messages become too plentiful or cumbersome, users can just flip the switch in their MyTRELORA account and those messages and inquiries will be handled by their dedicated TRELORA team members.

To enjoy the many benefits of TRELORA Connect, visit our search site and log in or sign up for a My TRELORA account. You can turn on TRELORA Connect in your account settings and set up a search to receive daily updates with new listings that meet your criteria. Happy chatting!