A Seller’s Guide: Showing Confirmation Types

The For Sale sign is in your yard, the lock box is secured to your front door, and your property is finally Active in the MLS. An eager buyer should be scheduling a home tour any minute now…

...but how will you know when a buyer is planning on showing up? Are showing services able to work around your schedule? Does the buyer’s agent receive specific instructions before they arrive?

There are three types of showing designations possible using our preferred third-party showing platform, Centralized Showing Service (CSS): Go-n-Show, Courtesy Call, andAppointment Required. Generally speaking, the easier it is for a potential buyer to see your home, the better. However, we understand that a potential buyer and their agent arriving on your doorstep with no notice isn’t a possibility for everyone.

Go and Show

The fewer barriers to entry, the easier it will be for an agent to get their client into your home. For this reason, many sellers choose Go and Show as their preferred confirmation type. If you select “Go-n-Show” as the showing setting, no notice is required and no notification is provided prior to the showing. Let us repeat that: absolutely no notification is sent prior to a Go-n-Show showing. As a seller, the only way you'll know a showing occurred (or is scheduled) is by logging into MyTRELORA and checking your property's showing section.

A Go-n-Show means that a buyer and their agent can see your home whenever they'd like, and they do not need to schedule a specific time. This is often the best way to let buyers see your home, as there are no scheduling conflicts.

If it’s 9:55am, using Go-n-Show an agent would be able to schedule a showing for 10:00am and CSS would provide them with the lockbox information right away. As a seller, you will still receive feedback from the showings, and will still be able to see a log of past and future showing appointments. The best place to see your property's showing log is in MyTRELORA.

Go-n-Show scheduling is ideal for vacant properties. This form of scheduling may also be useful if you as the owner plan on being away from the property for an entire weekend or are out of town on vacation, for example. As a reminder, no notice is given with a Go-n-Show tour - agents and their buyers are able to show up unannounced. 

Courtesy Call 


Courtesy Call is the most popular showing confirmation type and provides more boundaries than Go-n-Show schedulingA Courtesy Call is simply that: it allows the buyer or buyer's agent to schedule a time to see your home, and a simple courtesy call from CSS is all that's needed before coming over.

You can also set specifications regarding how much time you need to vacate the premises and ensure the home is in prime showing condition. The majority of sellers who reside in their property choose this type of showing because they can tidy up in the hour or two allotted, make sure the home is staged for showings, and vacate the property.

If you select "Courtesy Call" as the showing setting for your property, you will receive a phone call asking whether or not you would like to confirm or cancel an agent's requested showing. Many sellers also chose to receive a notification text and email from CSS, as well. A Courtesy Call showing will automatically be approved unless you deny it with the showing service.

Since the showing is automatically approved, there is the possibility that you could miss the call from CSS (if you're sleeping, for example) and a buyer could show up to your home without you being aware of their appointment. It's rare that a seller misses the Courtesy Call notification, but it's something you should be aware of.

Appointment Needed

For clients that work from home, have a tricky schedule, pets that need to be kenneled, or small children, the Appointment Needed designation provides peace of mind. An Appointment Needed status means that the buyer or buyer agent will need to make an appointment at a specific time, which you must approve, in order for them to view your home. 

If you choose Appointment Needed, Centralized Showing Service will first send you a text message and/or an email notifying you that an agent has requested access to your property. If no response is logged via text or email by 30 minutes prior to the requested appointment, CSS will call you to request permission for the buyer's agent. The appointment request is automatically canceled if CSS does not receive your permission to grant the access to the buyer's agent.

If the date and time of the requested showing do not work with your schedule, you must deny the appointment with CSS. You can then give CSS alternate dates and times to relay to the buyer's agent, but there may be a fair amount of back and forth in order to get the appointment booked.

This makes setting an appointment a little more difficult for buyers, but gives you complete control over who is in your home and when. Be aware that many buyers try to pack in multiple showings in a single day, so if you require more than a few hours' notice, they may pass up on visiting your property and move on. 

A few things to know...

Be sure to let us know if you have any access gates, sticky locks, home alarms (and their deactivation codes), or pets. Anything requiring special instruction or attention should be noted on your MyTRELORA profile and relayed to CSS.