5 Things To Do When Moving Into a New Home

So you closed on your new home, which is an accomplishment in itself, but the process (the long, grueling process) is far from over. You have a heap of oversized boxes in the middle of the living room and odds and ends lying all over. No matter how fun last night's going away party was, you can’t help but think of the mountain of work you have ahead of you. However, the decision has been made: you are packed, and your family is moving.

First, take a second to breathe. Relax.

Moving into a new home can be rough - not only is the physical work taxing but the emotional component of reorganizing your life is stressful. You unrooted from a place you had grown to love and now you have to make a home out of this house you haven’t even slept in yet.

moving boxes.png

Don’t worry. TRELORA is here to help. We have some tips to help ease your stress.

1. Walk Around

Yes. Walk around. You just got here, and after a long drive, you’re exhausted. Aside from the health benefits, walking will help you familiarize yourself with the area surrounding your new home. Do this at a time when the sun is still out. You'll get a feel of the area, have some idea of the people around, and have some alone time with your family before the chaos continues. If you’re feeling up to it, maybe even try out a local cafe with the family for a nice ‘moving in’ meal.

2. Secure Your New Home

Change the locks. It is always a sure way to establish your new residence as your home. As much as you want to give the previous homeowner your full trust and benefit of the doubt, we can never secure our homes enough.

Find the number of a trusted locksmith in the area and have all your locks changed. If you’re pressed for time and have to attend to other things, have at least the entry doors’ locks replaced. This also is the stamp that says, “This is my home.” Only you have your new key. That alone can make you feel more protected.

3. Check in with your Real Estate Professional

Real estate agents operate in different ways, but a good agent will be available over the phone on the day of your big move. Tell your real estate agent about any irregularities (or great things!) regarding your new home in the next few weeks. Your agent may have advice for you or simply lend an ear during this transitional period. Its always good to keep your agent posted!

If we’re fortunate to be in business with you, call us here at TRELORA. If not, call us anyway! Update us on your new home experience so far.


4. Update your Records

This is a long-term stress relieving strategy. If you update your public records early on, it will save you from inconveniences down the road. Just get it done! We know it is not your favorite thing to do, but you won’t regret it.

  • Change your address with the USPS and set up mail forwarding 
  • Update the address on your driver's license and voter's registration
  • Call the Department of Motor Vehicles to update your car registration 
  • Update home and auto insurance information
  • Be sure to update your bank and credit card billing address information

The list is long - might as well start ASAP! Begin updating the most important records and go from there.

5. Meet New People. Make New Friends. 

You thought baked goods would arrive at your doorstep as soon as you move in. Unfortunately, this practice hasn’t been popular in recent years.


Why don’t you flip it? (Not the house, you just went through all the work of moving!)

Flip the situation to get to know the neighbors around your new home. Bake up a couple of batches of your signature pot pies, desserts or whatever you enjoy cooking. If cooking is not your forté, it’s alright to buy from a local baker too. The gesture is about touching base with your neighbors and people of the community. You may have moved miles from your long-time friends, but there’s always room for new ones who will keep you company as you turn this page of your life.

These are just a few tips to help you settle comfortably into your new home. Moving can be scary and physically exhausting but keep moving forward. Approach the situation with positivity and curiosity. You could find the process rather exciting. So take your time to settle in and enjoy your wonderful new home and new life!