A Seller's Guide: Increasing Home Showings

You’ve filled out all the paperwork, discussed pricing strategy with your team here at TRELORA, and the sign is in the yard: It’s official – you’re a home seller! 

Now stand back – a deluge of pre-approved home shoppers is about to stampede through the door in...


Wait a second! Where are all the people? You know – the ones with fat wallets, impressive pre-approval letters and a burning desire to own the Star Wars-themed home theater you meticulously crafted in your basement? 

star wars.jpeg

Your house has never been this clean, and you've never wanted unexpected company so badly in your life. So what gives?

Even in a Seller's Market...Listing Your Home for Sale Doesn't Guarantee Showings of a Quick Sale. 

But there are ways to increase showing traffic - read them below:  

1. Get Out of the Way

If you are a stay-at-home parent, work from home, or need to remove a pet for showings, it is not unreasonable to ask for an hour or so notice. Remember that every single showing holds potential to be THE ONE; turn away buyers and you will likely wait longer for a successful sale. Don’t mourn the lack of showings then TURN DOWN A SHOWING. Rejoice in every single showing and for Heaven’s sake – and let them in the door!

2. Tell Everyone you Know


If you really needed a job, you’d ask around to find out who’s hiring, right? When your house is on the market, don’t keep it a secret! Talk to your neighbors, post your listing on Facebook, tell everyone at work (unless you’re planning to leave your place of employment), at church, in your family, and so on. Spread the news, and ask friends to pass along the info on your fabulous house to anyone in who may be the market to buy.

3. Price it Right

Price it right – right away. When you meet with our home consultant, he or she will provide expert advice based on comparable sold properties, as well as an eye on the currently listed competition. In the end though, the seller determines the actual list price of the property. If you want to languish on the market (and eventually drop the sales price to a reasonable level) you should ignore the advice of your real estate team, price high, and cross your fingers that potential buyers will show up to see your home, anyway. Fair warning: an overpriced home does not bring loads of showings. 

4. Offer a Time-Sensitive Incentive for Buyers

Offer a time-sensitive incentive for buyers. You don’t have to give away the farm, but if you are motivated to sell your home quickly, you may consider offering a portion of closing costs, a buy down of interest points, prepaid taxes/insurance/HOA fees or a home warranty to buyers who bring an offer that leads to a closing by a certain date.

5. Invest in a Broker Open House

For the cost of a couple of sandwich trays, some cookies, bottled water and a carafe of coffee, you can hold a Broker Open House of your property – a special open house for real estate agents only to get a peek at your home. After all – they’ll be the representatives bringing in potential buyers. Consider holding a drawing as well for something like a restaurant or Amazon gift card. Plan this in advance with your sales team so they can promote the event and invite all the agents working with buyers in your area. 

6. Use Technology to Your Advantage

Your team will promote your listing in many different places on and offline, but there are ways you can add to the marketing presence of your home. Post a link to your listing, and a description on Craigslist, record a memorable video of your home and post it to YouTube, and seek out every local publication that offers free online classified ads, including newspapers and neighborhood newsletters. 

7. Make Sure Photographs and Descriptions of Kitchens and Bathrooms Shine


Sometimes a stellar kitchen or luxurious en suite master bath can sell a home – and the promise of these features will certainly bring discerning buyers in the door for a showing. If you have upgraded anything, or there is something special about your kitchen or any of the bathrooms in your home – let us know so we can highlight these features in the listing, and be sure these rooms sparkle for picture day.

8. While You're Thinking About Interior Photographs...

...declutter before they are taken! Whatever staging tips the team suggests, follow them. Phenomenal listing photos are a standard part of our service here at TRELORA, and the photos of your home will be more engaging for buyers if they are clutter free and you have followed the simple staging tips we provide. Buyers will search online extensively before they begin to search with an agent, and they will definitely judge your home by the pictures they encounter online. If your home photographs poorly, buyers may not even bother to schedule a showing – even if the house meets their criteria. 

9. When in Doubt, Give Us a Shout!

It is tempting to panic during the course of your home sale; take a deep breath and pick up the phone. If you haven’t had a showing in a few days and you are feeling the heat, we are here to talk through the pros and cons of a price change or fresh ways to market your home. Holidays, school schedules and the weather can all have an effect on showing traffic in a particular area, or maybe you’ve simply hit a brief dry spell. The best way to tackle a perceived problem is to talk to the team helping you sell your home – that’s what we’re here for, and we’ll do everything in our power to keep the showings coming and sell your home on your ideal timeline for the best possible price.